Applying for One of Online Schools of Psychology

Have you ever given some serious thinking to a possibility to better your career through getting an online school psychology degree? It could quite be the high time to do so. The online schools of psychology are sweepingly gaining in popularity among those who is looking for continuing education and starting a rewarding and fulfilling career in this professional field, read To tell you the truth, I must confess that I experienced the same not too long ago. In other words, I was in your shoes for quite a period of time. But in the end I made a different decision and gave my preference to getting a doctorate degree in Education Psychology, which was, as you understand, taking a somewhat different career direction. Nevertheless, I suffer the onslaughts of doubts from time to time. What if my application to one of schools of school psychology would have been a better choice? It is quite possible that a reputable online or traditional, brick-and-mortar school psychology degree program would have rewarded me with a more satisfying career? Might be, might be! But let the might-be remain the might-be!

I do not want you to get the wrong impression, since I am quite satisfied with my professional career in Education Psychology; I really like my specialization of Education Psychology. But still sometimes I get the feeling that spending a lot of time alone in my office - and this is what the Education Psychology is about - is not quite to my taste. It begins to get too lonely. And that cannot be avoided or improved, since a professional in the field of Education Psychology is responsible for constant analyses of data, constant careful processing of spreadsheets and graphs. Sometimes I wish I had a possibility of everyday interaction with parents and students. But as an Education Psychologist I am not in position to afford it as much as I would like to. The lion's share of Education Psychologist's tasks is closely related to data analysis aimed at improving student achievement and class instruction. So, from this point of view the online or traditional school psychology degree program can be a more attractive choice for you. Be careful and do some careful thinking before making your choice, take into consideration the whole range of professional possibilities, all pros and contras!

Just consider the wide choice of responsibilities and possibilities that any school psychologist will be dealing with after the graduation from one of the corresponding schools of psychology. Here is a short but comprehensive list for your convenience:

- As a school psychologist you will have to work in personal contact with students (both of elementary or secondary school)

- You will have to closely interact and collaborate with teachers and parents as well

- A wide range of various behavioral and learning problems experienced by the students will have to be dealt with on your part

- Another important responsibility of yours, as a professional school psychologist, will be constant work on improving learning environment, which is exciting and challenging task in itself

- A piece of good news - as a member of school educational stuff you will enjoy long vacations during summer, which is a nice bonus for the professional specialization of a school psychologist!

So, how does it all look to you? Does it sound like something you would like to do and get professionally involved with? Something you could try as a career path? If your answer is definitely positive, you should continue reading this article. There is a good chance you are a suitable candidate for one of the corresponding online or traditional psychology degree programs!

How to Get a Degree at One of Schools of Psychology (Educational Programs)

According to labor legislation, in the majority of the states of USA a school psychologist in order to be legally employed is required to have a specialist degree in the corresponding field of specialization. If you opt for an online school psychology degree program, you should be ready to spend approximately 3 years, as a rule, to get the full time graduate degree. Another obligatory requirement is a full year of internship. As you see, the degree of a school psychologist cannot be obtained solely through an online program, since an experienced school psychologist should be able to address such issues as those related to student's mental health, so the internship is a very important part of the training. During the internship you can be given a precious chance of getting valuable hands-on experience through shadowing and observing the work of your senior colleagues and sharing their experience in the field.

What Employment Positions Would Be Opening To Me If I Graduate From An Online School Psychology Degree Program?

The professional specialization of a school psychologist offers to you a wide choice of various educational settings. You can easily find a position at one of the schools and other education institutions. There is a considerable demand for your specialization at such establishments as child clinics, child mental health outlets and child unit hospitals. But there is no need to be restricted by the conditions of a state employment. After acquiring the necessary professional experience and skills you can always initiate and develop your own private practice. In this case you will enjoy all benefits of working from the comfort of your home. On the other hand, the government or some branch of industry can offer quite attractive employment options for a school psychologist with a degree.

How to Chose among Schools of Psychology the One Which Will Be Right for My Ends and Means?

The choice of modern online or traditional offline psychology degree programs is quite rich, more than two hundred school psychology education programs can be found advertised on the Internet and other mass media. The rich choice is quite exciting, but, on the other hand, the task to select the right one can be often extremely confusing for a prospective student of school psychology. The natural question would be where to start for beginning.

Well, we can give you a couple of useful tips and practical advice. When starting selecting a program you should give careful consideration to the following points:

First of all, make clear understanding of your career objectives and then check out the teaching program philosophy of the school under your consideration. You should make sure that the school's curriculum answers your aims and goals. That is an important point if you want to be taught exactly those skills you consider necessary. Different educational approaches and teaching plan philosophies will result in different aspects of your future professional training and preparation. Remember, you should be equipped correspondingly after graduation to meet the challenges of the present-day professional environment.

The second step would be to look for the online or traditional school psychology degree program which offers a good faculty base and which is accredited with the corresponding educational authorities of the state or the country as a whole. Accreditation is another very important point, since it will guarantee the validity of your degree with any future employer, so make sure you will not miss this point!

Thirdly, it would be extremely helpful and instructive to get in touch with current graduate students of the program you are considering to opt for and ask for their comments. Such people can be easily found through the Internet at the corresponding forums and social networks; it should not be any problem at all!

Are There Any Specific Benefits If I Opt for an Online School Psychology Degree Program?

The answer to this question is definitely positive. One of the grates benefits of any online school psychology degree program is the flexibility and adjustability of your studying schedule. With an online program your studies can be done from any place that you find convenient and which is adequately equipped with Internet access and a personal computer. You can set you own timetable and make progress towards your degree at your own convenient pace. Another piece of good news is that you will be able to save considerably on the costs of transportation and accommodation, since you do not have to travel anywhere and can do your studies from the comfort of your own convenient armchair at your home.

Surely, for the final stage of the internship you will have to travel to the specified facility in person, but the rest of the coursework can be quite conveniently completed online!

What Does a School Psychologist Degree Promise In Terms of Financial Incentives?

A degree in school psychology opens to you a wide range of attractive job positions both in the fields of research and teaching in higher education. Another option - if it sounds fine for you - is working within the school system. If you feel like going into private practice you will have to pass additional licensing. The average yearly wage for a school psychologist across the USA is $56,950. But you do not have to stay limited to this level, since the demand for specialization of a school psychologist is of the fastest growing, according to the forecasts of the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates!