Discover your full recovery potential

Johnson & Rountree Premium's full-service recovery program is designed to achieve the best results while delivering superior service. We utilize proven tools to manage your outstanding receivables and increase your recovery volume. Our experienced client service team will tailor the proper recovery strategy to match your individual needs. We will create custom solutions to overcome the obstacles you currently face in meeting your recovery goals.

Customizable Correspondence

Supplying your providers or customers with proper notification of overpayment requests can dramatically increase cooperation with the recovery process. Our programmers can develop custom designed letters, including first placement and subsequent letters, to notify your providers and give them the information needed to refund your company. We can also implement a letter series based on your pre-established templates.

Established Partnerships

Developing a line of contact with your providers is the key step in our process. Premium service cannot be obtained without actively pursuing information regarding your outstanding receivables. Our staff has the extensive experience needed to effectively communicate with your providers, understand their concerns and resolve claims quickly. Johnson & Rountree associates work with their contacts to develop a workflow toward account resolution. The partnerships we establish with the key members of your network enable us to increase the turn around on your recoveries.

Flexible Reporting Tools

Not all provider needs are the same. Our customizable reporting software enables us to provide the information your customers need in the format they require. The reporting capabilities we offer make managing open accounts easier for busy billing departments. The efficiency created within the provider's office extends the value of service delivered by Johnson & Rountree Premium.

Compliance with Changing Regulations

Johnson & Rountree Premium's full-service approach includes adherence to the regulations mandated by federal and state statutes. We understand the complex and ever-changing nature of the regulations on healthcare insurance companies and are committed to adapting to meet the ever changing demands. Johnson & Rountree Premium's policies and procedures were implemented to vigorously maintain compliance with all applicable regulations, eliminating compliance-related complaints.

Our commitment to superior service does not end when a provider disagrees with an overpayment request. Internal resolution of provider appeals by our specialized team of appeal analysts dramatically reduces the time needed to resolve and respond to provider grievances, maximizing efficiency and reducing procedural delays. Our appeal specialists can also be trained to work within your pre-existing grievance processing system.

Locate Hard to Reach Customers

Resolving your overpayment refund requests can involve lengthy informational requests from your customers. Our team of specialists in insurance claim processing systems works tirelessly to ensure that every demand for backup and supporting documentation is met. We understand that prompt resolution of informational requests increase your recoveries. Johnson & Rountree associates take all steps needed to validate the reason for refund and increase your bottom line

State-of-the-art technology enables us to locate customers regardless of relocation, changed phone numbers, or facility transfer. Our recovery efforts on your claims are not halted when we encounter a barrier such as a lack of contact information. When technical capabilities prove unsuccessful, our team of experienced skip-tracers manually research the correct point of contact on your accounts.