Find Your Energy!

Dr. Hart can provide customized presentations to meet your needs. She offers 1 hour, afternoon, or day-long seminars, and keynote presentations: Fees vary. Please see the list below for standard, popular presentations. Presentations are appropriate for a wide audience base.

If you never seem to have enough energy or you always feel tired or stressed, this presentation will encourage you to find balance in your life and invest in self-care in order to feel better! Sleep disorders, medications, depression, stress and illness can cause a person to exercise, stress reduction and preventive care. You can feel better!

The Heart Truth

Heart disease is often assumed to be a man's disease, but heart disease is the #1 killer of women in America. This presentation, developed by the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, raises awareness of women's risk for this serious medical condition. This presentation is of interest to both women and men and emphasizes the risks of heart disease, the importance of adopting healthy lifestyle behaviors and how to recognize the signs of a heart attack. A brief video accompanies this presentation.

Stress Reduction - Making It Work for You!

We all need breaks from intense, stressful work or home environments in order to stay focused, maintain productivity and enjoy life. This presentation can be presented in one session or as a two-part session and emphasizes practical tips and tools to help participants gain a sense of inner strength, relaxation and an internal locus of control during stressful times. Dr. Hart specializes in stress reduction and has practiced relaxation techniques for 25 years. She instructs individuals on proper techniques for quiet mind skills, including deep abdominal breathing, visualization and progressive muscle relaxation. These tools and techniques can be effective, helpful, methods for enhancing performance and productivity and improving morale. Participants will learn how to be less reactive and more responsive to stressful stimuli.

Promises and Precautions

At least 40% of the population uses some form of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) products or therapies on a regular basis. Many people use CAM therapies as a way of investing in self-care asking questions like "How can I make healthier food choices?" and "Will vitamins and herbs help improve my health?" More than 80% of the population says they want more information about CAM, but people need to be educated about how to make these therapies helpful and not harmful. This presentation focuses on general information about complementary therapies, educates consumers about the potential benefits and harm and warns users of the serious potential side effects of improper use of certain CAM therapies and products.

Complementary Therapies in Cancer Care

A recent national survey revealed that about 40% of the population uses some form of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM). In the cancer population, this number is probably higher and some studies have suggested that as much as 80% of cancer patients use CAM therapies. This presentation discusses some of the more popular CAM therapies used by cancer patients including acupuncture, dietary supplements, mind body therapies and others, the research behind these therapies and the potential benefits and harm to patients. In addition, this presentation addresses ways to communicate with patients about using CAM and how to find reliable resources for patients.

Spirituality In Medicine

As many as 75% of Americans say they would welcome a discussion with their physician about spirituality. It is estimated however that only 10-30% of physicians address spiritual issues with their patients. Discussing issues of spirituality with patients demonstrates clinical respect for patients and offers hope and comfort to the patient. But in order to feel comfortable talking with patients about spirituality - which can be an awkward topic for some - physicians need specific communication skills and tools. Approached in a sensitive way and with respect to boundaries, such discussions can strengthen the doctor patient relationship. This presentation focuses on facts and research pertaining to spirituality/religion and medicine, the role of spirituality in medical education, reasons to discuss spirituality with patients, tools for taking a spiritual history, and resources to refer patients to when dealing with spiritual issues.

Popular presentation topics include:

- Finding Your Energy
- Stress Reduction
- Complementary and Alternative Medicine Basics